The flow state for organisations

    We share the same possibilities

    Human potential is much more

    • We believe that human potential is much greater than we have seen so far. 
    • We believe that organisations, your organisation, share this potential. 
    • Our joy is to help you enter a state of peak performance: a state of unprecedented efficiency, engagement & dynamism.

    We call it the flow state for organisations!

    It is possible

    Pioneer organisations are proving it

    Around the world, a growing number of pioneer organisations are proving it is possible, with spectacular results. Their secret?

    • They have unleashed the collective power of their teams, activating a living, creative process that nothing else can touch. 
    • They are faster, stronger, better and yet, amazingly, kinder.
    • They are more balanced and simply more fun!




    The flow state for organisations



    When environment is getting volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous, the challenges are:

    • to anticipate problems that are difficult to identify
    • to understand the consequences of decisions
    • to assess the interdependence of variables
    • to prepare alternatives according to the different scenarios
    • to identify and take advantage of opportunities.


    When classical ways of managing are showing their limits, the challenges are:

    • to encourage creativity and selforganization while maintaining a sense of efficiency and order
    • to break old habits of control
    • to let more nonlinear interaction occur
    • to network and communicate independent of organizational structure
    • to develop more novel ideas 


    When people's motivation and engagement are going down, the challenges are:

    • to build space for psychological safety
    • to facilitate expression of the whole self of each indvidual
    • to develop the feeling of belonging to a collective beeing
    • to listen to insights coming from intuition & inspiration
    • to find ways to be led by joy & positive attitude

    Knowledge, skills, processes & technology


    We provide tools and services, both human & digital, for transforming organisations. Together they cover all the knowledge, skills, processes and technology needed for an organisation to operate from the flow state.


    Tools and processes are not enough. Ultimately, the flow state cannot be learned or implemented. It is a question of becoming. From a deep understanding of this becoming, a simple model has emerged.


    We have developed a simple model that informs everything we do and transforms what could be a vague, almost mysterious aspiration into a clearly understood, deliverable goal.

    Levels of scale

    The organisation develops three fundamental qualities (adaptive, autonomous, connected), on three levels of scale (individual, teams, organisation).


    Enter a state of peak performance


    When roles are clearly defined and everyone knows how far to go in his sphere of autonomy, everyone puts all of his heart to improve his work for the benefit of the whole. Efficiency becomes natural when kindness supports the processes!


    When everyone has the feeling of being needed to reach the destination, everyone is naturally inclined to contribute in the best possible way. Engagement finds its source in this basic human need: being part of a collective body!


    When everyone is driven by the pleasure and the meaning of his work, a flourishing movement is animating people and teams. The purpose is shared by everyone, energies are flowing, dynamism becomes the reality of every day!


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